Marcel Vogel

Marcel VogelMarcel Vogel (1917-1991) was with IBM for 27 years doing research and development. He developed the magnetic coating for IBM’s disc drive, the first liquid crystal displays, or LCD and researched the effect of the mind and emotion on plants. He eventually began to use raw, single terminated quartz crystals. He realised that quartz is basically an empty shell until we interact with it and enliven it with our own energy. This is accomplished by the transfer of thought (energy) via the pulsed breath. By pointing the crystal at another person and pulsing his breath he discovered that this sent a charge through his crystal and that this often put the individual into an altered state of consciousness!

Marcel eventually began his 17 year research into the application of quartz crystals and found that although they had the capacity to store, amplify, and transfer information, they could not adequately cohere the energies emitted by the body and mind of an individual.

Because of this, the idea of faceting the crystal came to him.  One morning in l974, he awoke with a pattern in his mind’s eye which happened to be the Tree of Life as shown in the Kabbalistic teachings.

From continual experimentation, Marcel finally developed a faceted crystal that was a three-dimensional representation of the Tree of Life.  A crystal must be faceted not only with geometrical precision along the “C” or growth axis, but must also be worked with right attitude, understanding, and consciousness.

Also one other phenomenon is manifested in its connection and resonance with water.  Since there is more than 75% of water in our body, the Vogel cut crystal due to it’s resonance with water is a perfect means of transferring subtle energies to the physical organism.