Anxiety and the Crystal Light Bed

Recently a client came to me to see if Crystal Light Bed Therapy could help her with anxiety.  I recommended five treatments at first as she was quite severely affected and that it would be preferable if she could come twice a week.

Anxiety and the Crystal Light BedShe felt some benefit on the first session and noticed a calmer feeling on her next two sessions and bursts of calmness on the days in between. After her third and fourth sessions, she felt like going for walks in the bush where she was free of anxiety during those times.

After her fifth treatment she decided to continue once weekly as she was feeling so much better.  She has now had eight treatments and is amazed at just how well she feels.  She has tried many avenues and treatments to get well over the last three years and has not felt as well as she does today.  She knows that there are so many things which throw her out of balance and that it is a complicated situation.

The Crystal Light Bed is a powerful modality to bring you back into balance and for wellbeing.